Are You The Expert in Your Field?

As a Peak Performance Expert I’ve worked with Business Owners and Entrepreneurs for several years now. In addition to that, for the last decade in my position as a Doctor of Chiropractic I’ve studied and lived the principles of Human Wellness and Optimum Performance. It’s these learning that provide the foundation for Ultimate Performance Formula. […] Read more »

Easy Tips For Healthy Blood Sugar Levels

  By Dr Christiane Northrup Blood sugar imbalances are linked with many symptoms and health issues, including type II diabetes, fatigue, weight gain and unstable mood s. Type-2 diabetes has risen dramatically in recent years and one of the reasons for this is because the range for normal blood sugar is too high. This would […] Read more »

Peak Performance Consulting – The Top 3 ways to Easily Boost and Maintain Your Energy in This Year

 As a Peak Performance Consultant I do breakthrough consultations with people to establish what their needs are and if there’s a good match for us to work together.   Also, over the years as a Chiropractor I’ve coached 1000’s of my patients on the importance of diet and in both cases it has struck me that […] Read more »