Peak Performance Coaching – Why I Created Ultimate Performance Formula

I’ve been studying the human body and human performance for over half of my life now and teaching these principles to my patients for close to 10 years now. I’m about to turn 34 later this month so you can see I’ve been in this game for quite some time! How many hours does it take to become an expert at something? 10,000 hours is what the research and the statistics say, I think I’ve got that one covered don’t you?

I regularly speak to lot’s of business owners and entrepreneurs and something that comes up all the time is “If only I had more energy, then I would be able to do what’s necessary to take my business to the next level.” As well as this, in my Chiropractic practice one of the most common signs or symptoms people tick on the Health Questionnaire is “fatigue and tiredness.” So there is a pandemic of tiredness and lack of energy in our society whether it be in the business owner, entrepreneur or Joe Public!

The way I see it, somebody had to step up and help business owners and entrepreneurs learn simple strategies so they can get loads more energy enabling them to transform their life and business! Nobody else teaches this stuff the way I do so I decided to fill this gap in the marketplace. Good health

I’ve been teaching the principles of the Ultimate Performance Formula (UPF) to my patients for many years (although I didn’t call it that at the time). The unique framework of UPF addresses physical, chemical and emotional imbalances in your life, more specifically teaching you how to get the highest amount of energy, vitality and performance from your body by Eating, Moving and Thinking Well.

  As a business owsmoothyner how much impact do you think the food you put into  your mouth has on your energy, vitality and ultimately your health? The answer I’m sure you’ll agree is a BIG IMPACT! Yes nutrition or lack of it has a huge impact on every part of our being and will affect how we think and funnily enough how we move as well…




Okay, so what about your exercise regime or lack of it, what impact does that have on your health and the health of your business? On days or even weeks when you choose not to exercise you will have noticeFitnessd decreased energy levels and it follows that decreased energy levels lead to less productivity in your business which will therefore then lead to a reduction in profits which nobody wants… This is based on both my experience and on the experience of my coaching clients. If you already exercise frequently, then I’m sure you can relate to this, your mind just doesn’t function at it’s best if when you don’t exercise does it?



The other key component to balance is your emotions i.e. Thinking Well. The mind-body connection is well established in the personal development space, in my experience not so much in the general public though! It’s now scientifically proven that what happens in your mind affects your body and like wise what happens in your body will have an impact on your state of mind! 

When I speak about this in my seminaRelaxationrs and workshops there is sometimes somebody who questions whether this is the case so this is one way I answer their question or statement:

“Do you remember a time when you were nervous or anxious, perhaps waiting to go into an exam in school or college and you hadn’t studied for the test? If not yourself, no doubt you will have known somebody who was nervous and worried in that situation. Okay, so one minute they were thinking about the test and then suddenly they needed to go to the toilet urgently, either to vomit or otherwise. They didn’t feel unwell before worrying about the exam but the stress and worry in their head affected their body proving the intimate connection between the body and mind. Does that make sense to you now?” Inevitably it does

So Ultimate Performance Formula addresses the whole picture and not just individual parts, you’ve got to Eat Well, Move Well and Think Well if you intend to perform at your peak throughout your life! By analyzing your lifestyle and then addressing the weaknesses in your nutrition, exercise regime and mindset, this has a profound positive impact on your energy levels and your performance both personally and in your business!

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