Success Stories – Ultimate Performance Formula Clients




 Ursula Crossan – Recruitment Consultancy Business Owner

The improvements I’ve noticed since I began the course have been amazing, my life has completely reformed! Before I used to suffer with Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) and I was totally exhausted all of the time, when I got home after work I would literally be ready for bed! I’m glad to say I now have easy comfortable digestion and renewed energy!

I started to notice boosts in energy within a few short days of starting Danny’s training course and then the benefits just kept on building and building after that really!


 Dominique MacNally – Graphic Design Company Director


The improvements in my health and consequently my business have been outstanding and I have Dr. Danny to thank for that! I think this programme could benefit anyone but I’ve found business owners and entrepreneurs tend to be much more motivated to want to maximise their energy to improve their bottom line just like I did!

I was active in the whole process of transforming my health with the trainings; I wasn’t just a guinea pig! I was educated about Eating Well, Moving Well and Thinking Well. I found the whole programme to be most educational and holistic – in the sense that I had never before considered restoring and balancing my mind-body in order to improve my business! I would recommend that anyone who wants to improve their overall health and the health of their business then have a Breakthrough Consultation with Dr. Danny – you won’t regret it!



 John Fisher – Retired Business Man


Just under 6 months ago, life was more than a bit of a struggle! I had great difficulty in standing up from a chair, walking up stairs and riding my bike was just out of the question! It was impossible for me to do any physical tasks and our other hobby of ballroom dancing was being severely hampered! I had a lot of pain especially in my knees and I generally felt very run down and tired most of the time!

Now six months later – WOW what a change!

We’ve just come back from our holiday where we went on several bike rides, one being over 5 miles and the other one just less than 20 miles! Incredible! Thank you Dr. Danny! My wife and I also went for walks along the beach, the longest being a 6 mile walk – something I could have only dreamed about 6 months ago!

Your Coaching Programme was very easy to follow and thanks to your very simple diet recommendations I’ve now lost over 3 stone in the last 3 months which is amazing! I’ve now got more energy than I’ve had in the last 25 years which is great because we have a very active retirement planned! I just wish I’d known about your programme sooner Danny!


 Phil Hampton, Managing Director at Cartoon Media Ltd

Phil Hampton

“Before I met Danny Scahill, I had a major lack of energy in the afternoons which prevented me from working effectively.  I wasn’t exercising, and had previously quit the gym twice. I’m naturally slim so found it hard to keep the motivation to get fit.

I also suffered from lower back pain and sometimes had problems sleeping through the night.

After a few coaching sessions with Danny, on his Ultimate Performance Formula program, I started to make small but regular improvements to my life to help me feel and think better.

I joined a new gym, setting up a training regime that I could stick to, ensured that I walked at least 10,000 steps per day, booked onto classes to help my lower back, and drank sufficient water and my own healthy juices each day.

These changes have helped me to feel healthier, concentrate on my work throughout the day and sleep better at night.

I recommend Danny’s coaching program especially if you’ve struggled in the past to have a more healthy lifestyle and want to make a positive difference to your health and well-being.