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Dear Friend,


Let me get straight to it.

There’s the right way to achieve all your Health Goals.

And there’s the wrong way.

Guess which one 99% of us pick? 

Tragic, isn’t it? 

99% of people who try to reach their health goals actually fail and end up overwhelmed, broke and miserable, while only a tiny 1% seem to just ‘get it’ immediately and go on to achieve mindblowing results.

Maybe you’re one of that struggling 99%.  Maybe you’ve come to believe that the 1% who actually succeed are just ‘lucky’.   That would be understandable – and wrong.


Before I explain this further, let me introduce myself. I’m Dr Danny Scahill DC, founder of www.dannyscahill.com, Ultimate Performance Formula and Total Health Transformation programme.  


And I’m here to tell you that luck has very little to do with success.  Which is great news! 


It means anyone – ANYONE, including YOU – can achieve any Health goal they set their minds to, in fact this actually applies in every area of their life. 


So what is the right path to success? 

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What’s the big success secret that so-called ‘Lucky’ 1% know about?



“The formation of a “Master Mind Group” has been the basis of nearly every great fortune.”

Napoleon Hill

Luke Skywalker had one.  So did Tony Robbins. Robert Kiyosaki has written bestselling books about his.  All the professionals you’ll find further down the page definitely had at least one each.

Napoleon Hill thought this secret was so vital to achieving success he devoted an entire chapter to it in his best seller, “Think and Grow Rich”.  He refers to it constantly throughout the book.

The secret?

You need to:


10  Find someone who’s got to where you want to be in your chosen field


10  Discover exactly what steps they took to become successful


10  Follow their steps and strategies exactly so you can achieve the same results


10  Learn from their experience – avoid the mistakes they made


10  Slash years off your Health Creation and Personal Development journey!


You also need to stop and think about the people you surround yourself with, and how they may influence your mindset and ability to succeed  . 


Part of the Law of Attraction is this immutable rule:


You become who you hang out with


As Jack Canfield, co-author of ‘Chicken Soup for the Soul, says,


 “We are the average of the five people we hang out with most!”


 To be truly healthy you must Eat Well, Move Well and Think Well!


How you eat, move and think is influenced massively by the people you hang around most!


How do you spend your time and who with? Are they a good influence or bad?


Now, what if you had just one Expert Mentor to guide you and advise you. Do you think that would fast-track your success?


I agree, of course it would…


So just imagine the outstanding results you’d get if you could access the expertise of a Mastermind Team for every area of Your Health

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Imagine having your own team of Health & Lifestyle Experts on tap 24/7, giving you the exact strategies they used to achieve their success, so you can follow in their footsteps and get the same results.


However……getting expert advice from many different experts individually can eat up time and money.


For example: if you needed help from 5 or 6 different health experts, you’d probably need to join their membership site, attend one of their seminars or buy their course or products.



Result: even though the information you’ll get may be first-class, you’ll end up subscribing to 5 or 6 different membership sites, and even then you may not get your hands on the exact info you really need for quite some time.


Now we’re back to the ‘overwhelmed, broke and miserable’ scenario.  And this is something I can’t bear to see people going through.


As a doctor I was trained to heal people’s pain and make a difference to their lives.  To this day I hate seeing people suffer unnecessarily. 


So I decided to do my utmost to show people how to live a transformed, abundant  healthy life, but without the painful struggling they usually go through to achieve their health goals.


I’ve known for years that to truly succeed in any area of life, you need a mentor.  But how could I connect people with all the people they needed to fast-track their results, without it costing a fortune?


Then came my lightbulb moment!


Why not assemble a Mastermind Team of successful Experts from several different areas of the Health Arena, and make their advice and knowhow available to you all in one place?




Want to meet them? 


So here they are – The Total Health Transformation Dream Team!




Jon Gabriel – Founder of The Gabriel Method


  Jon Gabriel

Author, Mentor, Coach & Speaker, Jon also runs a very successful coaching and mentoring group where he continues to share the most effective health and wellness strategies

Jon’s book, The Gabriel Method, is an international best seller which is receiving tremendous reviews and helping people all over the world to lose weight without dieting!

He is one of the stars of the hit movie ‘Hungry For Change.’ Through his coaching company he works with health seekers worldwide and will do all he can to get you on the fast track to Health & Vitality!


Here’s just a taster of what you’ll learn from Jon:


  • How he lost 103 kilograms in 2 ½ years without dieting and how you can too!
  • That’s over 16 Stone in weight loss in case you were wondering!
  • His weight dropped from 186 kilograms (409 pounds) to 83 kilograms (183 pounds )
  • How he achieved this massive weight loss without diets or surgery and without having the typical excess skin associated with massive weight loss.
  • The information you REALLY need to Transform your Health from Today!




Daniel Vitalis – Leading Health, Nutrition, and Personal Development Strategist


 Daniel Vitalis

 Daniel Vitalis is a Leading Health, Nutrition, and Personal Development Strategist.

Encouraging us to “ReWild Ourselves”, he teaches that Invincible Health is produced by a life aligned with our biological design.

His entertaining, motivational and magnetic delivery style has made him an in-demand public speaker in North America and abroad.

Daniel was a featured star in the widely acclaimed film “Hungry For Change”.



Listen to Daniel and you’ll learn:


  • How to determine which lifestyle choices and strategies will work best for you;
  • Get Powerful Anti-Oxidants from the Earth that Decrease Inflammation!
  • How to cut through all the confusion and hype surrounding nutrition and focus only on the health strategies that work!
  • How to set yourself up for success and not failure
  • How to plan your healthy lifestyle, leaving you more time to enjoy your life!


Ross Bridgeford – The Alkaline Diet Guy



Ross is known as ‘The Alkaline Diet Guy’. Author of The Alkaline Diet Recipe Book & The Alkaline Weight Loss Solution, green drink addict and co-founder of Energise.

A veteran of nine years of living & coaching the alkaline diet. Ross makes the Alkaline Diet easy.


Ross will give you the heads-up on:


  • How to easily implement the Alkaline Lifestyle so that you stick to it and enjoy it for life!
  • Great simple nutritious alkalising breakfast ideas
  • Simple effective ways to explode your Energy Levels!
  • The 3 Keys to Unlock Your Health potential




Dave Sheahan – Peak Performance Coach



Dave Sheahan is Ireland’s Most Qualified Fitness Professional and has earned the title of being the World’s #1 No Holds Barred Elite High Achievement Consultant. Dave’s distinguished and successful 15 years in the industry had seen him operate a chain of fitness centers for 10 years.

He has also been the Celebrity Personal Trainer to likes of Cranberries and many National TV Personalities, Elite Coach to N.S.C.A. Bronze Medalists in 2008 International Index Championships, Corporate Fitness Adviser to Large Multinational Companies, Elite Coach to Body For Life winners 5 years running.

Dave’s physical achievements are becoming Body for Life Champion 2004, competing in many international triathlons and marathons and at one stage holding a record in Guinness Book of Records for rowing. Dave was also in shortlisted for UK Gladiators 2009.




Listen to Dave if you want to:



  • Learn why Milk and other Dairy products are KILLING You!
  • Know the best foods for maximum energy and fat burning potential
  • Learn how to maximise your return on time invested with you Exercise Regime!
  • Learn the exact blueprint for creating passive Health via your Lifestyle choices!
  • Be inspired to make better Health choices immediately!



Frank Ferrante – Star of “May I Be Frank?”





Ex-addict Frank Ferrante was a 54-year-old, overweight Sicilian-American from Brooklyn with Hepatitis C and some bad habits. He also wants to fall in love one more time before he dies.


MAY I BE FRANK documents Frank’s transformation as he stumbles into the aptly-named vegan Café Gratitude, and, over 42 days, begins a life-changing journey during which he is coached physically, emotionally and spiritually by three twenty-something staff members on the path to enlightenment.


Challenged by years of addiction, fatigue, and family dysfunction, Frank’s quest for a healthier lifestyle is both tense and touching. Through Frank’s metamorphosis, we witness the powerful effects of change upon one person’s life, and the potential we all have to find the most important love of all–love of ourselves.


Frank also stars in the hit movie ‘Hungry For Change.’


Use Frank’s Experience and knowhow to:


  • Motivate yourself for success regardless of your current situation – make yourself unstoppable and achieve anything you want!
  • Be inspired to dig deep within yourself and discover hidden talents and strengths you never knew you had!
  • Stop eating Junk food and start moving towards a plant based diet
  • Learn how to forgive yourself and others and allow your body to express health!



Art Giser – Creator of Energetic NLP

Art Giser



Art Giser was awed by how many people could trans­form their lives using NLP, and he was awed how people could trans­form their lives using trans­for­ma­tive energy work, intu­ition devel­op­ment and spir­i­tual development.

He began to explore com­bining these dif­ferent areas in order to create some­thing that was more pow­erful than any one system alone.  The result is Ener­getic NLP.

Over the last 25 years, Art has con­tinued to develop Ener­getic NLP into the won­derful field that it is today.



With Art’s expert coaching, you’ll be able to:


  • Effortlessly release energetic blocks – so your body can heal old wounds!
  • Learn daily meditations and strategies to create your life your way!
  • Learn how you can get out of your own way so you can  turbo-charge your health!
  • Discover the real secrets to letting go of the past!





Brad Yates – World Renowned EFT Practitoner

 brad yates



Brad is a world-renowned EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) Practitioner.  Health is one of the key areas that he specialises in. Brad is a co-author of best-seller Freedom At Your Fingertips and he has also worked with several stars of ‘The Secret’ including Jack Canfield, Joe Vitale and Bob Doyle.


Let Brad show you:


  • How to use EFT – to reduce stress in your body and  tap your way to optimal health and well-being!
  • How to release any trapped negative emotions preventing you from living the fantastic life you want and deserve!
  • How to use EFT to lift your spirits and increase your energy levels so you can accomplish anything you want!
  • How EFT can help you with any weight or self-esteem issues, and how you can tap your way to being slim and healthy!
  • How to attune your body and energy fields to the Law of Attraction, so you can live a purposeful, abundant life in tune with the Universe!





Neil Kingham – Chinese Medicine Expert





Neil is a gifted healer and creator of ‘The Radiant Health Programme.” He also utilizes several other techniques when working with his clients.

These techniques (literally the ‘techniques for nourishing life’) include T’ai Chi and Qi Gong, Nutrition and Dietary Therapy, use of Tonic Herbs, Meditation, Self-Acupressure and more.

Together they provide a powerful set of tools for not only treating illness, but moving us towards a state of abundant well-being, which the Chinese call ‘Radiant Health’

Not only have these techniques transformed his own life, he’s also seen them work so many times for his students and private clients too, giving them more energy and vitality, reducing stress and anxiety and improving immunity, among other benefits.



Neil will lead you to:


  • Rediscover Your health and life purpose;
  • Discover how to renew your energy levels from within – become your own power generator!
  • Use your own energy system to heal yourself of pain – fast!
  • A transformation of your energy field using Ancient Chinese Principles




“Mentoring is a brain to pick, an ear to listen, and a push in the right direction.”

John Crosby

So What Exactly Am I Offering YOU?

I’m offering you the chance to receive a special series of Trainings with the Total Health Transformation Dream Team listed above.


They’re All Leading experts in Health & Wellness 

On your behalf, I’ve ‘grilled these experts’ and made them spill the secrets of their Vibrant Health and Wellbeing!

Every single one of these experts will be revealing, step-by-step, the exact strategies and resources they used to attain their success, so you can simply follow what they did to achieve the same results

No more uncertainty about what works – just do what the experts do!


There’s more!  You’ll also get:


10 MP3 Audio downloads of every Training Call so you can listen to them again and again whenever you want – in the bath, on the train, on your iPod, at home – you choose!


10PDF transcriptions of each training for you to download and study, scribble your notes on, or turn them into your own personal success manual!


10News of insider secrets and proven systems used by each expert to accelerate their results – and yours!


In short, you’re getting:


A one-stop shop of powerful information, strategies and resources across all Fields of Health & Wellness!

  cd and book bundle_00

Why join a dozen different membership sites when you can get all the information you need for just one – at a tiny fraction of the cost?


Which brings me to – the cost.


Well, I could easily charge £47 for each recording and it would be a bargain.  Each training is a mini goldmine on its own. 



Every single one of these calls contains at least one plan or strategy you can apply immediately to make money and/or get solid results.  I could easily charge $470 for the whole set of trainings.


But I wanted to make this unique Mastermind Team available and affordable to the people who need it most.


So all I’m charging – for the entire series – is £77.


Just £77 for a priceless collection of blueprints for success in every area of your Health, from 10 experts – people who’ve actually got to where you want to be. 



How about I make this offer more even more interesting?






The first 50 43 31 17 5 people who sign up will receive the whole

 Total Health Transformation Programme for just £47!


But you need to act fast.


Place your order now, because I can only hold the offer open at this price for the first 50 43 31 17 people who sign up. 


After that, then the price reverts to £77


To order your Total Health Transformation Collection, just click on the link below:



Would You Like Some Tasty Bonuses Too? 


OK then here you go…

Special Bonuses



You Get:



Health & Vitality Breakthrough Consultation Dr. Danny Scahill

  UPF - mac_B_00

30 minute consultation to establish how you currently Eat, Move and Think. Then I can focus on the areas of your health that need improving…


Value: £147



 You Get:



Ultimate Performance Formula – Optimum Nutrition Module



This presentation is from my Signature Programme ‘Ultimate Performance Formula’ and has only ever been seen before by my high end private coaching clients!

It simplifies the vast subject of optimum nutrition!


You’ll get the MP3 Audio and the PDF versions of the presentation


Value: £197



You Get:



Ultimate Performance Formula – Webinar Implementation Training

 UPF- mac_c_00


On This Webinar I’ll Help You Break Through These Barriers 

1. I don’t have the Energy I used to have…

2. I haven’t got time to eat healthy and exercise!

3. I don’t know what’s healthy and what’s not, I’m  confused…

4. I don’t feel motivated to change


Paving the way to Finally Achieving Your Health Goals!



Value: £297!




Still not sure about this Extra-Special Offer?


I promise you it’s risk-free.  In fact, I’m taking all the risk on this one!



Now it’s all up to YOU.


This offer I’m making will bring you the one surefire thing you need if you want Success in your Health & Vitality – a team of Experts to light your way to success.


If you truly become who you hang out with, doesn’t it make sense to hang out with the best-quality company you can find?


Here’s Exactly What You Get As Soon As You Enrol TODAY!



You Get:


The Complete Total Health Transformation Programme


A set of 9 Audio Trainings with Experts from All Aspects of Health:

 cd and book bundle_00

Just £77 £47 For the First 50 43 31 17 5 People To Order…

Each expert will be sharing the exact strategies and step-by-step blueprints you need to follow to create the same result they did in every aspect of your health.


No more confusion. No hype.  No ‘lose 20 stone overnight’ BS schemes.  Just the stuff that really works!


All these interviews will be yours in both audio and pdf formats to accelerate your learning process and your results.



You Get:



Health & Vitality Breakthrough Consultation with Dr. Danny Scahill

 UPF - mac_B_00


30 minute consultation to establish the areas of your health need improving…


Value: £97



You Get:



Ultimate Performance Formula – Optimum Nutrition Module



This presentation is from my Signature Programme ‘Ultimate Performance Formula’ and has only ever been heard before by my high end private coaching clients!

It simplifies the vast subject of optimum nutrition!

You’ll get the MP3 Audio and the PDF versions of the presentation


Value: £297



You Get:



Ultimate Performance Formula – Webinar Implementation Training


UPF- mac_c_00


Whenever there is an update to Total Health Transformation, whether it be extra training calls or transcripts then it will be yours!


Value: £197



All This For Just £47 If You’re Among The First 50 43 31 17  5 People To Take Up This Offer!


Your Total Health Transformation Team is waiting for you on the other side of this click.


Just click here to join them and transform your life!



Remember the right way and the wrong way to achieve life success?


      The wrong way has you chasing hundreds of different wealth creation schemes like a demented Labrador, trying each one in turn before giving up because you’ve no idea which system will work for you. 


      The wrong way leads you to spend time and money you can’t afford on products and services from people who are, well, broke, and have no clue how to create wealth.


      The wrong way dumps you on the slope to failure, wasting years of your precious life on ‘make a million pounds in 5 minutes’ merry-go-rounds – all because you didn’t have a kindly, experienced guide to say,


“Whoa, hold it!  Stop this insanity!”


I’m saying that to you now.  Let me make it as clear as I can.


There are no easy, instant, ‘magic-bullet’ answers for you here.


Instead, pick the right way to the life of your dreams and you’ll have something priceless – the voice of experts, guiding and helping you to achieve success in an ethical way that comes easily to you, with proven strategies, valuable resources and powerful information.


You’ll get on the right track at last to build the life you want for you and your loved ones.


Your Mastermind Team’s waiting to help you.  ACT NOW before it’s too late!


See you on the other side!


With all good wishes,


My Digital Signature



Dr Danny Scahill DC




P.S.  The entire Total Health Transformation collection plus 3 bonuses is only available at £47 for the first 50 43  31  17 5 people to sign up

Then the price reverts to £77. 

So act fast and order now!


cd and book bundle_00

P.P.S.  Remember, if at any time within the next 60 days you don’t feel I delivered on what I promised on this page, let me know and I’ll insist on giving you back all your money.  You take NO RISK AT ALL.



P.P.P.S.  Last one, I promise!  The sooner you sign up for the Total Health Transformation Dream Team, the sooner you can start to transform every area of your Health.  £47 is nothing compared to the real cost of not taking action on achieving the Health of your Dreams. 


This is your time, right now.  Not next month when Summer is over.  Not after you’ve been to the sales, or joined the gym or booked your next holiday.  RIGHT NOW.     Give yourself the best Gift ever – your Total Health Transformation!



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